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Spectacularly Pink Rhubarb-Aide

This is such a bright refreshing drink, it’s worth growing rhubarb for this alone! If you like lemon water forego the “aide” and forego adding sweetener, it’s delicious and just as beautiful as a flavored water. The stunning pink colour holds … Continue reading

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Rhubarb “tzatziki“

Does everyone who grows rhubarb end up with a freezer full at the end of the summer? I think that question goes along with does anyone who owns a juicer have a good use for all the left over pulp? … Continue reading

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Lentils with Rhubarb and Caramelized Onions-A Savory Rhubarb Recipe

I have been looking for ways to use rhubarb outside of the typical sweet desert type recipes. In savory dishes rhubarb takes on a tangy mustard like quality, so far I have found it’s a nice addition when braising meats … Continue reading

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Signs of Spring

I absolutely can not wait for it to be warm enough to get out side again, enough with the late season snow falls and freezing rain already! The local garden centers are filling up with plants buds on my trees … Continue reading

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