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Braised Jerusalem Artichokes in Tomato Thyme Sauce

Anyone who grows JA’s is familiar with their over abundance tendencies, a prime garden candidate for pot lucks! To bring the sweetness out of this unusual vegetable I find the best way is to sear them first until golden brown … Continue reading

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Somebody’s Growing Food in the Court Yard

On the way to my clients condo, I spied a few edibles tucked in around the common area court yard, I am guessing this patch of food belongs to the condo owner with the patio directly behind the fence where … Continue reading

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Jerusalem Artichoke Chips

This is really more of a recommendation than a recipe, I think most people know how to slice, deep fry and add salt! I won’t even pretend for one second that this is healthy, but seriously, it is delicious. The … Continue reading

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Winter and Overwintered Vegetables

I am still experimenting with what will and won’t overwinter here with some pleasantly surprising results! Chard. Last year’s chard burned back to the ground in November’s cold weather but now appears to be sending up new leaves! This may … Continue reading

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Fall Salad Rolls with Sugar Pickled Jerusalem Artichoke

  This seems out of season but looking around the garden I had everything right there to make some great salad rolls.  The Sugar pickled Jerusalem Artichokes add an unusual crunch, and the sorrel blends in perfectly. I personally like … Continue reading

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Jerusalem Artichoke and Mushroom Pot Pie

The recipe here is for a vegetarian or vegan pot pie, but if you want to add some browned stewing beef cubes just increase the simmering time to 2 hours. Alternatively you can use this recipe to make the best … Continue reading

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Growing Jerusalem Artichoke-The Lowest of Low Maintenance Perennial Vegetables

Jerusalem Artichokes also known as Sun chokes will grow pretty much anywhere sun, shade, poor soil.  I did absolutely nothing with mine for the whole year, I didn’t water, weed, or fertilize that is zero maintenance all year and I … Continue reading

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