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Baby Chives

At this time of year I love snipping the babyest of baby chives, they add a pinch of spring to everything, I have often harvested my chive patch completely down to the ground at least a couple times before they … Continue reading

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Healthier, Herbier, Mashed Potatoes

I have the pleasure of cooking for a vegan this thanksgiving, my vegetarian little brother’s girlfriend actually, we don’t get to see this set of herbivores as often as we would like, so when they do show up I try … Continue reading

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Collecting Coriander and Self sowing Cilantro

Home grown coriander seeds are inexplicably better than any you could ever find in a store. The flavor is clear, sweet and almost smokey, a bit reminiscent of caraway. Even the expensive coriander I purchased at a specialty shop doesn’t … Continue reading

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Skillet Flat Bread with Home Grown Coriander

This flat bread makes a lovely accompaniment to chili, fajitas, curries and almost anything, I folded these up soft taco style, with refried beans, roasted tomatoes and a heap of fresh greens from the garden. If you have never done … Continue reading

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Somebody’s Growing Food in the Court Yard

On the way to my clients condo, I spied a few edibles tucked in around the common area court yard, I am guessing this patch of food belongs to the condo owner with the patio directly behind the fence where … Continue reading

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Pruning Lavender

Yes this seems kind of late in the season to just start pruning the lavender!  Truth be told I have not gotten around to cutting anything back for fall and its nearly Christmas! Lavender is one of those plants that … Continue reading

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