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Acquiring a Taste for Arugula

Before Arugula is gone for the year I thought it was a fitting good bye to talk about our hate/love relationship. Before I started growing my own I didn’t particularly like arugula. Arugula manifested in my garden as a zero … Continue reading

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A Lettuce Less Salad Garden

I am giving up growing lettuce. When I first started my food garden I somehow felt obligated to grow lettuce. I looked at so many enticing pictures of small gardens packed with lush, decorative, colourful lettuces it somehow seemed mandatory. … Continue reading

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Perennial Arugula

When I first started gardening I had no idea just how perennial arugula really was! Most seed packages suggest arugula is grown as an annual but here on the west coast arugula is a drought tolerant, grow anywhere, tenacious self … Continue reading

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Yogurt Cesar Salad Dressing and My First Perennial Salad of the Year

Finally I am eating my first home grown salad! Perennial sorrel and arugula to be exact, they lasted in my garden (without protection or cloches) until November last year and are back ready to harvest again. At my house we … Continue reading

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Winter and Overwintered Vegetables

I am still experimenting with what will and won’t overwinter here with some pleasantly surprising results! Chard. Last year’s chard burned back to the ground in November’s cold weather but now appears to be sending up new leaves! This may … Continue reading

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My Favorite Perennial Salad

This low maintenance mix of arugula, perpetual spinach and sorrel, will rival any annual “spring greens mix” or “mescluns”, without the hassle of constantly re-sowing, or successive planting. In my garden the perennial greens are much more drought tolerant than … Continue reading

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Warm Arugula, Walnut Salad with Sweet Whiskey Syrup

A nice addition to this salad is roasted beets, the sweetness of the beets is a tasty contrast to the pepperyness of the arugula, my beets are all done and gone this year, and I didn’t get around to planting … Continue reading

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