Garden Area

Living in the Greater Vancouver Area(BC Canada) I consider my self lucky not just to live in such an amazingly beautiful place where I can pretty much grow stuff all year, but I am lucky enough to have a home garden, by home I mean detached home with a little yard right out side my front door where I can grow food, I am about 30ish minuets from down town and I managed to luck in to a patch of dirt, not that there is anything wrong with apartment, condo, balcony, container, community or guerilla gardens!  By city standards we live on an average lot, about 5000 sqft total area serendipitously the house is in the north corner which was a total fluke because I had no clue about gardening when we bought the place.  the food garden occupies the South/East corner of the front yard, it covers about 400 sqft including the path ways and ornamentals, but excluding the berry patch, rhubarb, and a few other food plants I have scattered around. Our soil is pretty much sand box quality sand, mixed in with rocks of all shapes and sizes. Neighbourhood rumor has it the yard was less than cared for before we moved in, and judging by the copious amounts of 3/4 crush gravel I am digging up I am speculating the entire food garden area was at one point a formers owners car park?  Our lot is slightly elevated above street leve to the East and almost at the crest of a hill making water a constant challenge, lets just say I killed my fair share of so-called “drought talorent plants” in the first few years here.

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