How it all started

In the scorching end of July sun, the weekend we moved into our “new” well new to us, the place is actually a 98 year old home, my husband’s aunt unexpectedly arrived with a full sized van load of ornamentals, we had mistakenly judged this full sun desert scape as a part sun to shade enviroment.  Auntie confidently unloaded this mass of all things green and shade loving then promised she would be back to help me.  Well what did make it into the ground got burned to death and what didn’t make it into the ground got burned to death and I felt horribly sad for all of them, My first experience as a plant mother was pretty abysmal. I though you could just stick a plant or seed in the ground and it would live happily ever after.

My first food garden near the end of the main growing season

The food Garden started as an 8’x4′ raised bed in the South/Eastern most corner of my front lawn, after several days of double digging improving the soil and of course construction of the raised bed. In one after noon of planting I managed to fill this poor little bed far beyond capacity but I still had heaps of unopened packs of seeds, did I mention all this happened in the midst of building a basement under my very old house? In between digging a hole for our new foundation(that was in fact done entirely by hand) I also dug up the front yard and the food garden just kept spreading.

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