Sushi Style Rolls with Overnight Pickled Chard Steam and Pretty Pink Ginger

rolls I will never buy pickled ginger in a jar again, it’s so easy to do it at home and tastes tenfold better than even the snazziest most expensive organic market ginger in a jar. For the sake of simplicity this is really just a recipe for the chard “filling” and condiment “ginger” I am going to assume you know or can source how to prepare sushi rice, roll sushi and prepare wasabi. Sushi directions are often on the back of the sushi rice bag anyways. In the photo I used blanched deveined chard leaves in place of the nori seaweed. Chard worked well to hold the rolls together, if you don’t like or cook for someone who doesn’t like seaweed, chard makes an excellent substitute in rolled sushi, it’s tough enough to hold together but flexible enough to roll and cut easily. The second batch I did (not pictured here) was done with good old nori I actually preferred the second batch taste wise but I also happen to love seaweed.

Pickled Rainbow Chard Stems
Rainbow chard stems
Rice vinegar
White sugar

Method: Slice out the chard stems from the chard leaves, sort by colour, chop into matchsticks, keep the colour groups away from each other so they don’t get mucked up. Place each colour group of chard stems into a bowl. To make the pickle solution simmer together in a sauce pan equal parts white rice vinegar and white sugar, heat/stir until sugar dissolves. Pour enough pickle solution over each group of chard stems just to cover them, (set aside some pickle solution for the ginger) seal in an air tight container and let rest over night in the fridge. Once you have used your chard stems, if you are feeling like doing more sushi you can use the colourful left over chard pickle solution instead of seasoned vinegar for cooking sushi rice and create colourful sushi rice too.

Pretty Pink Pickled Ginger
Knob of fresh ginger
Rice vinegar
White sugar
Beet slice

Method: Mandolin or very thinly slice peeled fresh ginger root, the big plump young ginger tubers are the best for pickling if you can find them. Place in an container, pour enough pickle solution over ginger just to cover it add a small slice of beet for colouring, seal up and let rest in the fridge over night. If you don’t want lovely pink ginger omit the beet slice, homemade natural looking ginger tastes just as good.

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