First Salad Celebration? Not This Year.

chardIt just doesn’t seem right to celebrate when it has been such an incredibly warm winter, I have had greens available in the garden all winter long, minus the couple days of snow we have had of course. Right now I am admiring all sorts of colourful chards that have overwintered just fine without any form of cloches or protection, there is tons of curly parsley, cilantro, perpetual spinach and of course a tightly woven carpet of self sown mache. There are a few scraggly collards out there, baby sorrel is making an appearance and the first micro arugulas are coming up everywhere.greensLegitimate cold weather greens are tougher, thicker, hardier,sometimes bitter and not necessarily as pretty to look at with their tattered frost bitten edges but typically they are a scarce delicacy at this time of year, if it was just another average cold winter I would be dying for anything fresh out of the garden by now. This year I have been so spoiled to the point of overrun with winter greens, I shouldn’t complain but I will admit to buying a bag or two of watery tasteless “spring greens” just to use as a diluting agent for my cold weather salads!

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