Late on the Scapes

Really Canada day long weekend(happy Canada day by the way!) is a bit late to be cutting garlic scapes they would have been ten times tastier a couple weeks ago. Some of the garlic flowers are bursting at the seams, once they open I will have officially missed my chance, it’s literally this weekend or never. Young garlic scapes are much more tender and succulent, as they age, they turn into a legitimate stem not great for eating. I should have clipped all these scapes as soon as I saw them crop up but shopping in a grocery store all my life has given me a false sense of food security.

Produce sections feature fresh ripe produce on demand, in reality food plants produce their harvestable parts in a very short window of time. In just a day or two I have completely missed harvests, greens bold, brassicas bloom, asparagus’ fern, there is no messing around coming up with a meal plan. Such is exactly what happened to my garlic scapes, I saw them come up and failed to realize the fleetness of their nature, old habits die hard and I was once again reminded that this is not a grocery store, this is real life. In my defense I have been working a lot and I think remaining relatively garlic free in a sales job is a legitimate expectation, cutting garlic scapes is any reasonable volume is a messy garlicky task and I still haven’t gotten the smell off my hands.

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