Spectacularly Pink Rhubarb-Aide

This is such a bright refreshing drink, it’s worth growing rhubarb for this alone! If you like lemon water forego the “aide” and forego adding sweetener, it’s delicious and just as beautiful as a flavored water. The stunning pink colour holds up really well in the fridge so go ahead and make ahead, just don’t add the mint until right before severing or it will go brown. I have measured out in parts so you can make as much or as little as you like.I should mention you do need a juicer and the filtering step is essential as rhubarb juice produces a lot of sediment.

1 Part micro filtered fresh rhubarb juice
3 Parts water
Lots of ice cubes
Fresh mint leaves for garnish
*optional* sweetener to taste

Method: Use a juicer to juice fresh rhubarb stalks, don’t peel the stalks it will enhance the colour. Set up a micro strainer or a sieve lined with cheese cloth, over a container large enough to hold the juice, pour in rhubarb juice and let strain, you will be left with a surprisingly large amount of murky sediment and the strained juice should look almost like red wine. Drop a few fresh mint sprigs or leaves into a single glass or pitcher(depending on how much you want to make), fill to the brim with ice, add in filtered rhubarb juice and water, sweeten with honey, sugar, stevia or your favorite sweetener or just enjoy as a rhubarb flavored water without sweetener.

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