Rhubarb “tzatziki“

Does everyone who grows rhubarb end up with a freezer full at the end of the summer? I think that question goes along with does anyone who owns a juicer have a good use for all the left over pulp? I don’t have an answer for those questions but I am trying to use up all my rhubarb fresh this year and if you own a juicer this recipe can be made with rhubarb pulp! More recipes coming for what I am doing with rhubarb juice later. You can substitute rhubarb in place of cucumber in any tzatziki recipe simply omit the lemon juice. If you don’t have pulp to use up, strain and drain grated fresh rhubarb in the same way you would prepare cucumbers for tzatziki. Cucumbers are totally out of season right now but I had all the fresh herbs out in the garden for souvlaki and my in season rhubarb tzatziki worked surprisingly perfectly.

½ Cup Plain Yogurt
¼ Cup Rhubarb pulp or grated strained rhubarb
1 Clove garlic micro grated
Sea Salt to taste
*Optional* Fresh minced; mint, dill, parsley. Olive oil, freshly ground black pepper to taste.

Method: Line a strainer with cheese cloth and set it up in a bowl, pour in yogurt and let rest in the fridge for a few hours until enough liquid has run out that you are happy with the consistency, tzatziki consistency is strictly a matter of person preference so when you are happy with the thickness transfer the strained yogurt to a bowl stir in rhubarb pulp, garlic and salt. I like it just like that, so it’s up to you if you want add some fresh herbs olive oil and black pepper.

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