Growing Asparagus-or at least things I’ve noticed while “trying” to grow asparagus

Asparagus is a long term commitment, it takes at least 2 years before you get a solitary harvestable sized spear and more like 4 years before anything productive starting happening. I am coming up on my fifth full season since I started my asparagus journey and I have posted about asparagus along the way, so I’ll try not to repeat myself. I had planned on 15 plants and every single plant did make a small fawn their first season but not all of them came back, I lost 5 plants in total. Initially I started a mixture of seed and crowns, the crowns turned out to be an unnecessary expense as only one out of my five crowns survived where as only one of my 10 seed asparagus’ didn’t survive and my crowns didn’t produce any sizable spears any sooner than my seed plants.Each asparagus plant is supposed to yield 5 to 7 spears, I wrongly assumed the asparagus would all pop up at once and I would have a huge hoard of 50 plus spears to impress my family with at Easter dinner. In reality my asparagus harvest has been more like a trickle, each plant pushes forth its harvest in a random shuffle to the tune of 5 to 7 spears per plant spanned over a several month period. I have yet to pick enough asparagus at the same time to serve as even a side dish! Some days there are none, some days there are a few but once a spear cracks the earth it moves quickly shooting up in to a fern stalks and not being edible in just a couple day, Like the productive zucchini patch so too is the productive asparagus patch, asparagus waits for no one.Everything tastes better fresh out of the garden but asparagus is almost a different vegetable all together! Freshly harvested asparagus is juicy sweet, light and crisp almost like an apple. Side by side home grown puts store bought asparagus to shame, the stuff I picked up tasted moldy in comparison, although I am sure what I bought wasn’t actually moldy, ultra fresh pick asparagus is just in a legue of its own and it turned out to be a mistake to try to top up my small harvest with a bundle of commercial asparagus, they were drastically different and all the more reason for me to get out there and keep breaking ground for my second asparagus patch!

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  1. Jen says:

    Great article. I really enjoyed it.
    Here is another great article on how to grow your own asparagus.
    Thanks for sharing.

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