Losing More Lawn

As a family we have decided we don’t like lawn grass, my husband is allergic to it, I hate weeding it, my son doesn’t play on it and nobody likes mowing it, except our awesome new neighbour she started mowing for us but she doesn’t like our mower! When I originally started removing lawn from our lives I did leave a grassy area thinking my son needed a “yard” but what I didn’t realize is there is much more to yards than sod. Paths to chase on, stairs to roll things down, trees to hide behind, hoses to get wet in, all these things seem to trump the grass, so we are saying good bye to some more lawn and hello to a new blueberry and asparagus patch. It’s been a few years since I have dug out any grass and I had forgotten what truly hard work it is. After purchasing 6 new blueberry plants I was left with a couple hours to cultivate their new growing space. Thinking I was a seasoned pro I grabbed my trusty spade and 2 hours later my back was killing me but I had only gotten about four square feet of grass out of what will be an eighteen square foot bed! I am undoubtedly out of grass removal practice and it’s no wonder the neighbours thought I was crazy for ripping up four hundred square feet of sod the first time around, its ridiculously harder work than I remember! Now, completely burned out, not even half way through my “quick and easy afternoon project” I was staring at a huge pile of displaced clumps of grass, I didn’t start out with a game plan of what to do with all the remnants but I did do this before right? what did I do with all the left overs back then? Well, I piled wheel barrow full after wheel barrow full of dispatched lawn in the neglected north corner of my lot…. and….well, it’s actually still sitting there, so not only do I need to figure out what to do with one pile of grass but two.

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2 Responses to Losing More Lawn

  1. christine says:

    If you get any decent sun on that north side, perhaps the piles of sod could support some potato plants? My north side is sun deprived, so veg are out of the question there beside the driveway. At least the coneflowers love it and have spread over the years along that whole length of driveway.
    I too have eliminated, bit by bit, all but one small strip of grass from my lot. I have left just enough, between koi pond and back yard garden, to keep my old dog from being too confused about where he is allowed to relieve himself…. grass is good for something:) Still, it’s more clover then grass now and, thankfully, it takes only a few minutes, with the push mower, to cut.

    I do love that, while some of my neighbours moan about the banning of herbicides, pesticides and weed killer that used to eliminate the dandelions and stinging nettel from “ruining” their beautiful green lawns, I happily harvest and eat those same “weeds” that chance to find a home in my gardens:) It’s empowering to not be a slave to grass !

    • So true!! we are no longer grass slaves I love it!! I did use some of the sode pile to “earth up” my potato patch the first year but i think a lot of bugs live in the grass as all my potatoes got full of small white worms,It could have just be coincidence? The north side of my lot has a huge tree so it’s extra shady and dry.

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