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Rhubarb “tzatziki“

Does everyone who grows rhubarb end up with a freezer full at the end of the summer? I think that question goes along with does anyone who owns a juicer have a good use for all the left over pulp? … Continue reading

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Growing Asparagus-or at least things I’ve noticed while “trying” to grow asparagus

Asparagus is a long term commitment, it takes at least 2 years before you get a solitary harvestable sized spear and more like 4 years before anything productive starting happening. I am coming up on my fifth full season since … Continue reading

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Losing More Lawn

As a family we have decided we don’t like lawn grass, my husband is allergic to it, I hate weeding it, my son doesn’t play on it and nobody likes mowing it, except our awesome new neighbour she started mowing … Continue reading

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