Dying Easter Eggs with Fruit and Vegetable Juice

I had never considered what was in food safe colourings until we found out a friend of ours is allergic to them, in particular the controversial insect based dyes that are, by the way, found in everything from convenience store potato chips to organic gluten free cup cake sprinkles. Artificial colouring conspiracy theories aside, my son had so much fun transforming everyday foods in art supplies, we started with some old beets from the garden, they’d been out there all winter no bigger than walnuts and were too woody to eat. Next up were frozen fruit(one day hopefully my bushes will produce enough to stock the freezer!) we started putting things through the juicer and like Easter egg scientists begun experimenting, not everything went according to plan and some of the fruits like strawberries I thought for sure would work just didn’t take, in the end this is what we came up with. To make pink colouring simply juice a raw red beet or two my if you don’t have a juicer you can wiz them in the blender and strain through a sieve, dip eggs in raw red beet juice for a pretty pink colour, then pat dry with a clean towel. To make yellow colouring, strangely you can use cooked yellow or red beet juice(if your done making pink eggs reuse the same red beet juice) boil raw beet juice until it reduces by about half, dip eggs in cooked beet juice then immediately rise with water, repeat a couple times to get a consistent colour, pat dry. To make blue, juice some blueberries dip eggs in fresh blueberry juice, immediately rinse with water pat dry, blue seemed to come up the best with only one or two dips, barely visible at first it darkens once completely dry. Let your coloured eggs dry over night before trying to handle them. I used white eggs, uncooked eggs seemed to colour better than hard boiled but due to the number of anticipated egg fumbles I did hard boil my son’s share.

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6 Responses to Dying Easter Eggs with Fruit and Vegetable Juice

  1. This is an excellent idea and very organic. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Ma says:

    Great ideas. I use cranberry juice and onion to color my easter eggs! It’s very organic and looks very nice!

  3. Amanda says:

    Looks great! Your ideas are very helpful. Cranberry juice is a must ingridient for coloring easter eggs.

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