Baby Chives

At this time of year I love snipping the babyest of baby chives, they add a pinch of spring to everything, I have often harvested my chive patch completely down to the ground at least a couple times before they flower. Chives coming up(similar to tulips coming up) signify the end of the dormant season, the growing season is here. Relatively speaking my chive patch is quite large compared to my total growing space, I specifically grow a lot of chives because they are early risers, one of the first reoccurring food plants to sprout in my garden. Chives in my garden don’t require anything from me, they just grow back from the roots every year no fertilizer or special treatment and they reproduce so quickly my patch has doubled in size every year, if I had friends in need, it’s not a problem to break a clump of chive roots off for someone, that is how I ended up with my chive patch in the first place. During the main growing season it’s easy for chives to get lost in the shuffle of abundant summer herbs but for the next few weeks chives will be the star of my growing space and many meals.

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3 Responses to Baby Chives

  1. Karen says:

    The 6 inches of snow that covered my Maine garden melted last week and the chives are already two inches tall. I enjoy chives as much as you and will be making some chive oil this year.

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