Harvest Counting

I am finally getting around to resetting my harvest count totals for 2012, this year I am giving up counting perennial herbs; thyme, rosemary, sage, marjoram, oregano, parsley, chives and green onions, more grow in my garden than we as a family can use up or give away, let’s just say I’ll never have to buy a perennial herb as long as I have my food garden. Tallying everything that comes out of the garden has been a lot of work but it’s been exciting to see how much food I actually produce right here at home, the harvest count highlight for me has been salad greens, I knew I was getting a lot of fresh greens but I didn’t realize the volume, before I started growing my own I used to consistently buy a bag(or clam shell) of imported salad mix each week, now that foreign salad habit has been replaced with my own front yard forage. Even during the main growing season there is still a lot we consume that I don’t grow, harvest counting has helped me appreciate how much land it takes up, to fill up our fridge, living on this city lot I’ll never be a self stuffiest master food gardener but my goal is still to grow as much of what we eat with as little time, effort and expenditure as possible.

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