My Garlic is Sprouting Out There

Garlic sprouting

Trouble is most of my storage garlic is sprouting in here too! I was just bragging about the wonderfully warm weather when we got a big flurry of snow, like all snow falls around Vancouver just as quickly as it appeared, it disappear. As the snow people sunk into the earth and puddles of slush withered away the pointy green spears of garlic became visible all over the garden.

New roots crack open my storage garlic

I still have over 40 heads of storage garlic I was planning on eating but like their garden dwelling counter parts almost all of them are cracking through the parchment wrapping with root beginnings and stalk shoots. Aside from being a bit disappointing, watching my garlic cache sprout has been fascinating. Its common even for store bought garlic to want to sprout around this time of year and I have seen many a forgotten grocery store garlic clove send up its green tendril but what I have never seen before is garlic’s root nubs.

Cut in half you can see the root and shoot in this garlic clove

At first I thought my o’naturel home grown storage garlic had developed a fungi or disease but with a little investigation what I thought had gone wrong had actually gone right my garlic is doing exactly what it is suppose to do; grow roots. Apparently even organic store sold garlics are sprayed with some kind of anti rooting agent, that explains why I have seen store bought garlic’s shoots but never roots, just one more way commercial food is tampered with before we get it I guess? I will admit it still feels a bit unnerving peeling open my, what should be absolutely perfect garden garlic and finding a stubby foreign looking growth coming out the bottom but more often than not I am finding home grown foods rarely appear as they do in the aisles of the grocery store.

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