Sprouting peas in January?

Just in case there was any doubt in anyone’s mind we are having an unushually warm coastal winter, my shelling peas just sprouted! I planted a few rows of peas last October hoping for a few last pea shoots before winter set in, I never did get that final fall pea shoot salad but here they are just outside the first week on January. I had no intention of growing shelling peas for peas this year, I am only planning on sugar snaps but not wanting perfectly good pea seed to go to waste I figured gambling on a late fall pea shoot crop was a good use up for them. Normally I wouldn’t expect to see any new salad items out in the garden yet or even think of trying to sprout anything out doors for about another six weeks! Other early January surprises so far are micro cilantro, micro arugula, micro sorrel, new leaves on last year’s rainbow chards, and the first green sprouts of chives. It looks like my ceremonial first salad of the year celebration is coming early this year!

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2 Responses to Sprouting peas in January?

  1. Isn’t mother nature surprising! you never know what will come and when. How did they taste?

    • It’s been such a lucky winter for garden greens! The winter pea greens were just as good as any I have grown in the spring maybe even better because its such a treat to have a fresh home grown salad in the middle of winter.

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