Micro Mache

Corn salad is a true cold weather crop, don’t bother trying to get a head start on spring by starting seedling in doors, corn salad won’t sprout if it’s too warm. Truthfully I am not a fan of corn salad as a full sized green but I just discovered I absolutely love it at the micro stage. Micro corn salad is smooth, succulent and almost melts in your mouth, at full size it has an uncanny taste resemblance to yellow corn, a fury texture and over powering sliminess once cooked. I planted corn salad last year but never got around to using it beyond an abysmal gratin, just when I thought every cooking problem could be solved by smothering it in cheese corn salad proved me wrong, the gratin was such a disaster I couldn’t bring myself to even attempt anything else with it. inevitably the corn salad patch went to seed, died off and I thought I was done with this plant for a while. Unexpectedly when the weather turned for fall, I noticed a flush of tiny green rosettes sure enough, corn salad seed had self sown in the spring, then waited patiently all summer until it cooled off enough for them to comfortably grow. Like all micro greens mache is at its best simply dressed with a light vinaigrette or better yet a little fresh lemon juice and olive oil. Although I am tempted to clip every last micro morsel out there, I will leave a few corn salad plants to mature and hopefully set seed to repeat the corn salad cycle for next year.

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