Beet Root Risotto

Happy Holidays! Where did the month of December go anyways? Shopping, wrapping, shipping, baking, cooking, hosting and my lap top dyeing (almost conveniently) a few days before boxing day has left me in disbelief of there only being a few days left of this year! Just in case you are not completely turned off of food by this feastful festful time of year here is a nice bright almost healthy dish. I like the addition of saffron to this recipe but if you want to leave it out or don’t have any on hand it’s also fine without.

2 Cups uncooked beets root, washed, peeled, tops removed, grated
2 Cups vegetable stock
2 ½ Cups water
2 Tbs Oil or butter
1 Cup arborio rice
Salt and pepper to taste
Fresh lemon or lime zest and juice for garnish
*optional* a big pinch saffron

Method: Add grated beet root, stock, water and saffron(if using) to a soup pot over medium low heat bring to a gentle simmer. While the stock mixture is heating up get the rice ready; in a large heavy bottom sauce pan over medium heat add the oil, let it heat through then add in the rice stir it around for a few minutes until the rice is hot but don’t let it burn or brown. By this time your stock mixture should be simmering turn down the heat to medium low, add in about half a cup of stock mixture to the rice mixture, it should sizzle and bubble, stir the rice around until the liquid has absorbed, then add in another half cup of stock mixture and keep stirring, repeat until the rice is tender and you have a creamy risotto, it should take about twenty to thirty minuets of adding liquid and stirring. Season with salt and freshly ground black pepper. serve with a little fresh lemon or lime zest and juice. I made more than we planned on eating because tomorrow it will become crispy left over risotto cakes!

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