Veggies Under Lock and Key

There is something so definitively urban about vegetables peeking out from behind the confines of a chain link fence. I can identify with this maximum security approach to food growing, having suffered the heart break of food garden thievery and unwelcome guests helping themselves literally to the fruits of my labor.

Ironically ripping out the chain link fence that formerly surrounded my property was the very first landscaping project I ever attempted. My yard is currently enclosed with a cute, friendly, cedar picket, maybe if I had left the chain link up, people would have been less inclined to steal my stuff? Is there anything that say “go away” better than chain link? Perhaps barbed wire but for good reason most municipalities around here prohibit its use.

I see this productive and protected growing space en route as I walk my son to school every morning. Although I am horribly jealous of their brilliant brussel sprouts and colourful kales, its always encouraging to snoop in to someone else’s growing space, especially right now because I had a ridiculously busy fall and had no time to do anything in the garden.

What surprised me most about getting close up to this garden was the huge volume of leafy greens growing on into December without any winter coats or covers and what you can’t see in these pictures is the rest of the yard which has an established city sized orchard with heaps of ripe figs and grapes still clinging to the vines. I am guessing this lot is a standard issue rectangular suburban 6000 square footish size but its really remarkable to me how much food they have packed into to this otherwise typical “house next door” yard.

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