Storing the Rest of My Garlic

The “left over” 57 garlic heads that didn’t get chosen for seed are now neatly stowed away hanging in a pair of tidy braids. I see why the traditional garlic braid is a tradition, it’s a space saving convenient way to store garlic. After about a week of pondering and my husband asking what I was planning to do with the kitchen counter full of garlic. I couldn’t think of a better way to consolidate all those beautiful bulbs. Garlic should be stored at room temperature their sprouting mechanism is triggered by a cold period followed by a warm period, kind of like tossing a garlic head in the fridge then bringing it out into the warm kitchen to make dinner.
Yes, I only grew hard neck garlic and yes, the “hard neck” stem shaft is about as pliable as a 2×4, making a real garlic braid impossible. To achieve a homely braid look first I had to cut off all the stems, waiting until garlic stems are completely dry is the best time to cut them. Earlier in the season I messed around with cutting the stems green versus leaving the stems on to cure, supposedly you get better flavor by leaving stems on during curing but I can’t taste the difference. The main benefit I found to leaving garlic stems attached, until fully cured, is the lack of garlic juice squirting everywhere. Cut green, garlic stems are as juicy as an orange and as pungent as, well…fresh juicy garlic. Mess averted, I looped each stem nub with a snug slip knot of cooking twine, I kept knotting garlic heads up a long line of twine until the “braid” became almost unreasonably heavy. So far they seem to be holding fast and hopefully will last us until the next harvest!

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2 Responses to Storing the Rest of My Garlic

  1. Love the ‘braid.’ How did they last?

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