Happy Fall!

One of my two prized winter squash

The first day of autumn is upon us, I am looking forward to the colourful trees and as the main growing seasons draws to a close, the “work load” of weed pulling and watering lightens, I am looking forward to wrapping up and starting up a few projects. Fall is such a great time for projects. On my agenda this season is a massive fava bean patch, the plan is for a short time favas will engulf the majority of my growing space, I have no intention of letting them all mature, most are intended to be eaten as greens and leaves. Now that I know what fava greens look like, I have recognized them on the menu at more and more asian food restaurants, often called “snow beans leaves” or mislabeled as “snow pea leaves” or simply as “bean leaf”. Typically how you find fava “leaves” served, would more accurately be considered a whole young fava plant, cut off at the ground when it’s about 3” to 6” tall. I am going to let a small portion of my fava patch overwinter, not because I want to eat the beans but to try and save seeds. I started the fava plant-athon this week and already have gone through about half a kilo of WCS small seeded fava bean seeds, that’s about 6$ worth of seeds and this is just the beginning, much more economical to save seed and grow for “free”. The other Major fall undertaking is planting my home grown seed garlic, this will be my first attempt with non-store bought seed garlic and if it works it will be a splendid conclusion to my garlic self sufficiency project. As a small side project I am experimenting with growing asparagus, an asparagus fern in my garden has gone to seed, it seems straight forward enough, pluck all the seeds off the fruiting fawn before they drop to the ground, then plant them where I want them, instead of where the wind blows. Asparagus thus far has proven to be quite drought tolerant, hardy and low maintenance, once it gets established. This is the one vegetable my husband absolutely loves so I want to start a second asparagus patch along the east border of our front yard. Yes, the food garden is expanding again, I did keep a small strip of lawn for my son to play on but he would much rather muck around in the garden then do anything on the boring old grass, so slowly but surely I feel this “strip lawn” will soon also become more food growing area.

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