White Scaloppini Squash-My Favorite Summer Squash This Year

Those little five year old hands in the back ground belong to my son, he was waiting to pounce on this squash to spin it like a top!

This was a random find and impulse buy for me, I was standing in line at some big box store, flipping through the seed rack and just happened to find something a little different; this white scaloppini variety “Custard white” from McKenzie Seeds to be exact. There was little to no planting information or description on the package, just a pretty picture of ghostly pale scaloppinis, intrigued I added them to the grouping of yellow and green zucchinis I was planning.

Still flowering and producing baby squash!

These sturdy productive white squash bushes lasted on after my zucchinis had succumb to powdery mildew, custard white has the best resistance to powdery mildew out of any squash, quite impressive actually even now, when I am quite sure squash season has come to a close, whitey still has green leaves and a few unripe fruit. I have never seen white scaloppini in stores and it almost seemed wrong to grow a boring pale colourless summer squash when I could do lively lime, yellow, or dark green? But never mind the lack of a defined colour custard white’s flavor was impeccable, fine and nutty as good as any of the more flashily adorned scallopini I have ever met!

My other squash plants are covered in powdery mildew but custard white still lives on

Like all summer squash in the heat of summer(not that we had much this year!) white scallopini are very productive, if you don’t keep on top of picking them, you will quickly have a large seed filled flying saucer on your hands! Incidentally the larger they get the brighter white they become almost luminescent. For my family three summer squash plants provide more than enough squash for our fresh eating needs and for us there is no point growing extra for freezing, nobody in my family will eat frozen summer squash, even if they are home grown frozen summer squash.

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2 Responses to White Scaloppini Squash-My Favorite Summer Squash This Year

  1. Adam says:

    Great article, That squash plant looks so healthy. I tried to grow just the normal variety of squash this year but didn’t have much luck, they ended up getting that powdery mildew look about them as well . I ended up just picking the flowers from the squash plant. They are absolutely delicious in pasta. I haven’t come across this variety before so i’ll be keeping my eyes open for them.

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