Purple Sweet Corn?

I was so excited about growing this illusive colourful corn but this wasn’t exactly an excellent year for corn. My corn patch was stunted and spindly from the get go, poor heat loving corn, there just wasn’t much heat to go around in the lower main land this summer. Despite the less than ideal growing conditions some small purple ears tasseled up and yes there was deep purple kernels under those husks! I hurried my little purple cobs into a potato/corn hash, the vibrant colour did not dissipate at all, you know how cooking purple beans turns them green, I did have my doubts about purple corn keeping its colour and even better it was self contained purple, unlike cooking with purple carrots, they spread purple all over whatever they are cooked with. forgoing my initial excitement there is a disappointing part here; the flavor or lack thereof. My purple “sweet” corn was really not sweet at all, I got the slightest hint of sweet but that was overwhelmed by blandness and starchyness. Once cooked the starchyness totally took over. If you have ever grown “regular” sweet corn it’s so juicy, rich and sweet, you can eat it raw, just grab a fresh ear while standing out in the garden! Even in bad corn years, where all I got was a hand full of puny yellow cobs, the incredible flavor was so worth the heart break of the small yield. Visually the purple corn did look stunning in my hash, if I had more to work purple corn cobs, perhaps I would experiment with steaming and marinating, could it be worked into an vibrant relish or salsa? For now I will caulk Purple corn up along side purple snow peas which apart from being show stoppingly pretty are not that edible because of their poor taste. Over all an interesting vegetable experiment with some unexpected results.

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