Purple Cabbage Pot Stickers with Mirin Soy Dipping Sauce

I grow cabbage for three reasons: Asian slaw, pot stickers and pad thai. I will be sharing my secret family recipe for pad thai one of these days but for now it’s all about those labour intensive but oh so delicious bundles of pot sticker goodness. This all vegetable cabbage and mushroom filling won over my meat loving husband, in a direct side by side taste off against the classic cabbage and pork, score one for the garden veggies! I do make my own wrappers here, pot stickers are a whole after noon type venture anyways so making the dough isn’t that much extra work and they are so much yummier from scratch.Purple Cabbage Pot Sticker Filling
½ Head purple cabbage shredded
½ of a small onion minced
10 Button mushrooms minced
2 Tbs Raw unsalted sunflower seeds minced
1 Clove garlic micro grated
1 tsp Fresh ginger micro grated
1 Tbs Ume plum vinegar
1 Tbs Vegtable or canola oil
Sea salt to taste

Method: Heat a large skillet over medium heat, add the oil, onions and mushrooms stir fry for a few minutes until the onions are translucent, add the cabbage and cook for a few more minutes until the liquid has mostly evaporated from the cabbage. Add in the rest of the ingredients keeping the skillet on the heat give it a really good mix to incorporate everything together and make sure the garlic has cooked through.Homemade Pot Sticker Dumpling Wrappers
1 Cup all purpose flour
½ Cup boiling water
1 Tbs Tapioca starch
Pinch of sea salt

Method: In a small bowl mix up the dry ingredients. Get some water boiling in a kettle or on the stove top (boil more than the half a cup) once the water reaches a full boil measure out half a cup and add to the dry mixture. Use a fork to combine everything as best you can, then turn out on to a clean work surface and knead until the dough comes together. The dough should be quite stiff about the consistency of playdough and it kind of smells like playdough too because of the tapioca starch. Form the dough into a lump, seal in an air tight container or plastic wrap and let it rest in the fridge for about a hour until it is cooled all the way through. To roll out the wrappers, pinch off an acorn sized piece of dough, roll into ball, sprinkle with flour, use a rolling pin to roll the ball out flat, it should form a 3” diameter disc. Recipe yields about 30 wrappers.

Creating Pot StickersIf you made dough roll all the wrappers out first, as long as you keep them well floured they will stack up in a neat pile without sticking together. To form the pot stickers, place about a table spoon of filling in the center of the wrapper, if the wrappers are too dry you may need to moisten the inside edges with a little water before you try to seal them.Fold the wrapper in half over top of the filling and pinch it closed between your fingers.

Start sealing the filling in by pleating and pinching the wrapper together around the filling. To pleat the wrapper start by folding the edges into a “Z”.Pinch the “Z” pleat together like an accordion.Firmly pinch the pleats so the dough edges stick together.Pleat all the edges together so the filing is entirely encased. Don’t forget to take a second to admire your hard work, there is something satisfyingly zen like about a tray of carefully pleated dumplings.

To cook the pot stickers  use a non stick skillet that has a tight fitting lid, over medium add about one table spoon of vegetable oil, fry the bottom side of the pot stickers until crispy and brown, work in batches so you can leave some room around each dumpling, don”t over crowd the pan or they will stick together. Now watch out for this next step, you need to dump water into the hot oily skillet, as soon as the water hits the pan hot liquid, oil and steam will come flying out and spray all over the place so be really careful and get the lid on as fast as you can. Add enough water so there is a ¼ inch deep of water surrounding the dumplings. Cover with the lid and keep on the heat, let the pot stickers steam/boil for about 7 minutes, the wrappers will puff up like little balloons, when you remove the lid they will flatten down again, the water should be absorbed or evaporated by now. Take off the heat and give the skillet a shake to loosen the pot stickers, they may be a bit stuck to the pan(hence the name pot stickers!) jiggle the skillet until they come free, if that doesn’t work add a smidge more water to loosen them off and try again. Serve with mirin soy dipping sauce(below).

Mirin Soy Dipping Sauce
2 Tbs Mirin
3Tbs Rice wine vinegar
1Tbs Soy sauce
Sambo olek(hot chili sauce) to taste
A few sliced green onions to garnish
Method: Just mix all the ingredients together in a little serving bowl.

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