Somebody’s Growing Food in the Court Yard

a tall stand of JA's and other flowering shrubs

On the way to my clients condo, I spied a few edibles tucked in around the common area court yard, I am guessing this patch of food belongs to the condo owner with the patio directly behind the fence where it was planted? Or perhaps the landscapers have snuck in a few things they intend to harvest?JA flowersThis tall stand of Jerusalem artichoke blends in between other flowering perennials, keep in mind the fence they are grown against here is six feet tall! At home my JA’s tower eight or nine feet up the side of my ugly garage, the cheerful yellow flowers are opening now, I would imagine if they were not so invasive they would make a great back drop to other, shorter flowering plants. I grow so called “red” and “white” varieties of Jerusalem artichoke, they all flower yellow and in my opinion taste about the same, my “red” tubers have a slightly darker skin but that is the only difference I have noticed so far.

Herbs can quickly produce way more than a gardener can use

Stashed under a large mop head hydrangea, just opposite the Jerusalem Artichokes, is a small over grown herb garden, with rosemary, thyme, oregano and chives. Whoever planted these herbs must have more than they can use but it wouldn’t surprise me if other residents are walking right by every day, not knowing they could easily prune a few tasty twigs without anyone noticing. Herb bushes growing in the garden look so different that how we are used to seeing them in concise bundles at the grocery store, even after four years my husband still has trouble identifying the common culinary herbs around our yard, just when he thought he had thyme’s location pinned down the darn plant camouflaged itself under a dense layer of tiny flowers!

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5 Responses to Somebody’s Growing Food in the Court Yard

  1. Elise my front yard herb/tomato/leek garden has had a wonderful time I guess. I am also swamped with far too much of everything (except basil, seems to so quickly go to seed and I should have been out there picking all the time, could kick myself) What does one do with what will likely come to 3 pounds of pineapple sage? It seemed a good idea at the time:(
    I read your post about your neglected garden and so I don’t feel AS bad for doing the same to mine. I don’t have illness to blame it on, nor a full time job. I always start off so well and with all the best intentions in the world.
    I have found a new pesto combo however, made it up. No actual quantities to share with you Elise but I’m sure you have tons of carrot tops too. I do a big batch (a bit at a time in the processor since it’s too much greenery to get in all at once. So, some basil, lots of parsley, some tarragon, garlic (of course) a head of celery, leaves and all, carrot tops, walnuts. salt/pepper/olive oil. I found out carrot tops have so many nutrients that they are basically better for you then the carrot itself:) Anyway, I am of the opinion that anything green from the garden can go into the mix.

    • Oh Yum can’t wait to try your carrot top pesto!! thanks for that:) I hadn’t thought of eating carrot tops before love the idea of using whole plant! I have way too much sage too, have been trying to think of good used for perennial herbs, one day I want to get around to doing a mass herb drying and giving away bundles of dried herbs to everyone at christmas…one day!

  2. I’m this naive… I had no idea that Cilantro, gone to seed is Coriander!!!:) So, as this herb got away from me, seeds a plenty I vow to save those. I’ve read that you can take a plastic bag (or a few if need be) put this over the dried out plant, then pull out of the ground and that way not loose any of the dry/loose seeds. I love Indian foods, so my own Coriander to grind will be great. Now, what plant does Cumin come from?:)

    • I recently made the cilantro coriander connection too! Cilantro self sows all over the place for me have always wanted to save their seeds for cook just never got that organized(yet!) sells cumin, have always wanted to try and grow it as a herb/save my own seeds, maybe a next year projec:)

  3. >that way not loose any of the dry/loose seeds.< Oh my spelling… Lose!!!

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