Unearthing Potatoes

There is nothing like fresh from the garden potatoes! The flavor is robust but the flesh is fine and silky. I was surprised the first time I grew my own potatoes because the skins are tissue paper thin, no need to get out the peeler just a quick scrub under the tap and you can rub the skin off with your fingers. It took weeks for my first little sack of potatoes to develop the think crusty skins I was used to dealing with on store boughts, so how long have the potatoes I was buying at the grocery store been sitting on the shelf?! This year I planted 1 kg of seed potatoes from WCS the yield was about 10 lbs, last year I got 14 lbs but I will blame this decreased yield on the less than summerie summer we’ve had and I will take responsibility for not watering as regularly as I would have liked. Disappointing yield aside it’s still a treat to get out there and dig up some tasty tubers.Although Potatoes are not an official perennial vegetable each year I am finding more and more “surprise” potatoes, I have rotated potatoes through every quadrant in my growing space and it seems they have all left behind some hardy shoots that have gone on to produce small crops everywhere. I don’t have any great tips on how to digging up potatoes even my best planned efforts starting the pitch fork further and deeper away that I thought I should be finding potatoes and gently, slowly working my way inwards and up wards, there still always seems to be inevitable pitch fork speared casualties. I will say this don’t wait too long after the plants have died back to dig up potatoes, I was a bit tardy and I ended up finding quite a few duds that had rotted before I got to them.

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3 Responses to Unearthing Potatoes

  1. Elise, 10lbs is still excellent and a FAR cry from what I have been digging up. They do taste wonderful though and I suppose I should be grateful for finding any growing at all. My plants looked so beautiful, tall and bushy in June and suddenly in early July (good weather in Ottawa) all of them developed some kind of wilt. I’ve never grown potatoes but the symptoms seemed the same as what I googled on line. Would look almost dead during the day, perk up completely by evening. Of course, they didn’t get to take advantage (leaf wise) of the sun and they died completely by the end of July. I didn’t hold much hope out but a few weeks into August I dug around and wow, there were potatoes! I have left about 8 plants alone, haven’t moved the straw and soil and I’m hoping there will be more. Do you keep your own potato for seed or do you eat all and buy the next year? If you keep them, where and how??

    • Fresh potatoes are such a treat we look forward to them every year!!! I have saved my own seed potatoes before I just put a few of the nicer looking potatoes in a paper bag and left them in a kitchen cupboard until they started sprouting in the spring, it’s hard to resist eating all the home grown potates for sure! But I also wanted to try a new variety each year just for fun 🙂 so I havn’t been saving potatoes lately

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