Garden Negligence

Sorry garden I didn’t intentionally forget about you, I have just been preoccupied with the flu and extremely busy doing what I do for a living, that allows me to make the mortgage payments on your little plot each month, lucky for me it has been an unusually busy August at work but unlucky for the weed covered, under watered garden. Everything has gone to seed, bolted, flopped over, been aphid-ed to death, picked (or stolen, darn garden thieves) and generally there is not much out there except a big heap of green mess.Amidst the flowering brassicas, a delightful orange winter squash has taken shape, if it doesn’t go moldy before it matures this will be the first ever winter squash success I have had, maybe the lack of consistent watering actually helped the winter squash?In the past I have never had any luck with brussel sprouts, even growing a variety called “Vancouver” didn’t work. My brussels have always ended up stunted, riddled with wormies and aphids. I happened to have high hopes for my sprouts this year, so far they are looking stout and healthy perhaps because they closely followed in the same dirt where garlic was planted, maybe the residual garlic cut down on the bugs? I am finally starting to get over my flu and during the next couple weeks I will (hopefully) get out in the garden, cut back, dig up, reorganize and get ready for the impending fall season.

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