Asian Slaw

My first “real job” not working for my mother was at a little vegetarian deli-coffee shop, I know what you are thinking vegetarian deli?! Hey it was the 90’s vegetarian was just becoming cool. The owners of the place made everything in house, all the dressings for their salads, every pastry, scone and cookie, even the bread for their sandwiches. I only lasted there a short time but in that brief encounter the owners managed to impart on me their respect of simple, good, fresh, foods. This recipe is based on one they served, I have been making it from memory for about 17 years, its evolved over time(I remember the original having olive oil?) but the essence was stolen from the first foodies I ever met: Aaron and Joey, thank you, wherever you guys may be I raise my fork to you often and hope you forgive me for shop-lifting this delicious recipe while I was your otherwise devoted employee.

½ Head red cabbage
½ Head sue choy or crinkly green Asian cabbage
4 Carrots cleaned and peeled
4 Ribs of celery
1 Cup snow pea pods or fresh peas
1 Recipe Honey Soy Dressing(below)
*optional* sliced green onion and sesame seeds to garnish

Method: Thinly slice, grate or mandolin all the veggies, toss with dressing to combine. If you are having a party you can do the veggies ahead of time, they all stand up to being stored in the fridge for a while even after they are cut. When you are ready to serve just add the dressing. Be warned this recipe makes enough slaw for a huge extended family type gathering.

Honey Soy Dressing:
¼ cup Honey
¼ cup Soy sauce
¼ cup Teriyaki sauce(I like Kikkoman)
¼ cup Red wine vinegar
¼ cup Sesame oil
2 tsp Fresh ginger, peeled, micro grated
1 clove fresh garlic, micro grated
Whisk together to combine.

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