Confession of a Salad Hater

My husband just copped to hating salad! When I used to have to purchase salad greens, we always had a big bag of pre washed greens in our fridge. I love greens of all shapes and sizes, I make huge meal style salads for dinner, pack side salads for lunches and heap leaves on burgers, sandwiches and wraps. Yet all these years of marriage my salad hating husband dutifully choked down salad after salad after salad because he didn’t want to hurt my feelings. Now I haven’t gone out and purchased salad in a bag for a long time, I grow enough miscellaneous greens spring thru fall that we can thoroughly over dose on scrumptious front yard salads and still have left overs to give away. Growing salads has been a primary focus in my garden since day one, it only takes a few square feet to have all the fresh salads you could ever want, not to mention the many perennial salad plants that can grow in my mild climate. So imagine my surprise after growing, harvesting, washing and preparing a huge delicious salad my husband says to me very seriously “You know I hate salad.” before I could respond with anything other than a stupefied look, he sheepishly ads “except from your garden” this launched into a very long debate, and the eventual realization that it was in fact a compliment, it just came out wrong. Fast forward a couple weeks, we decide it is time to try to sit down at a restaurant as a family, not my first choice of restaurant because it needed to be kid friendly, you know the kind of big chain that serves all things from curly fries to cedar plank salmon. Being summer I felt compelled to order an “entree salad”, the description went something along the lines of “fresh seasonal spring greens”, strangely the spring greens were featured as seasonal in the middle of summer? Our food arrived and as the boys dug into their burgers, I was left staring at a watery plate of over dressed lettuces, not having eaten anything other than homegrown for several months now, I was surprised at how mass produced and tasteless the “spring greens” I used to love had become? Have I become a salad snob? Or was my salad hating husbands point just unknowingly illustrated? The truth is, fresh from the ground, picked that day straight from the garden salads, are so much tastier than what you get in the super market, they managed to convert a life long salad hater to an adamant salad eater, that night at the restaurant, I as a life long salad lover, finally understood why there are so many legitimate salad haters out there.

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