The Food Garden Today!

The Garden is just a mass of green right now, everything is breaching the pathways with runners, stems, leaves and tendrils. I can’t keep up with the weeds, the harvests are rolling, it’s finally summer and now I should probably start doing some official planning for fall!!!

Red jewel cabbage

The saga of my cabbages continue, spring planted red jewel is nearly ready and old in the ground for just a few weeks short of a year January King is slowly forming heads.

January king cabbage

January King is an especially beautiful heritage cabbage but I don’t know if monopolizing a growing space for a full year was worth it? Before I judge slow poke January King I will wait to see what they taste like and how much culinary value adds to the equation.My purple sweet corn is most unusual, I am not sure if I did something wrong of if they are just legitimate dwarfs? They seemed stunted from the get go, currently standing only two to three feet tall and producing tassels. Purple corn on the cob just might make an appearance in my garden this year? Or might strike out on this?Squash are in full effect, they are reaching out in all directions, I have never had any luck with winter squash in the past but this is turning into my year of the squash! Right now I am enjoying yellow and green zucchini , my first scaloppini is just a few days away from ripeness, and all my winter varieties have produced squashlets!

Baby winter squash

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One Response to The Food Garden Today!

  1. Rose Plated says:

    Wow! You have a very well grown garden! Congratulations on it and keep up the good work!

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