Parting Comments on Garlic Scapes

I just noticed some of the last standing garlic scapes in the garden have started to crack  open their flower buds! I figured it was now or never if I was going to harvest them and I rushed right out with my scissors. To my dismay once the garlic flower opens the scape becomes a flower stem and turns tough, like the stems of flowering chives, not very good for eating. The young scapes I harvested a couple weeks ago were juicy and tender but these more mature scapes were quite fibrous and woody. I am filing this under gardening notes to self for next year; harvest garlic scapes as soon as they appear, they do not hold in the garden well! The other note I want to add about cooking garlic scapes, is they are best when slightly over cooked, like cooking egg plant, you need to let it go a little longer than the just tender cooked stage, they have to be slightly more done. Over all garlic scapes have been a happy discovery for me, despite my initial unfounded fear about cutting them back, their versatile but still unusual taste has proven to be an early summer, garden treat, I will look forward to each year. The last few scapes of the season are sitting in my fridge, destined for a Saturday morning garlic scape and goat cheese omelet, so I will have to say good bye for now lovely scapes, see you next year.

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4 Responses to Parting Comments on Garlic Scapes

  1. I bet that garlic scape and goat cheese omelet tasted delicious.

  2. I left my garlic too late for the tender scapes and they flowered before I found out this was, perhaps, a bad thing. I am really wondering if I can’t still use the flowers (bulbils) cooked? Thoughts?
    I did read on line today about allowing a few bulbs of garlic to flower, stay in the ground past when you would pull out the rest for storing, and that these flower/bulbil’s can be the beginning of many new “seed” garlic plants.
    It will take a few years, as opposed to using the bulb from the ground, as they need time to grow but you end up with many more cloves to replant.
    Found this info on the Boundary Garlic Farm,, web site. Interesting, may try this.

    • I have wondered about growing garlic from flower seeds but never tried it, I might let one bloom next year and give it a go! Thanks for the idea:) I grow onions that multipy their root bulbs and produce viable seed when they flower. I would imagine you could use garlic flowers like cooking with chive blossoms but I have never tried garlic flowers though? Please let me know how it turns out if you start experiementing with garlic flowers. My favorite part of growing food is all these discoveries you just can’t find in a grocery store! have fun out there:)

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