Ironic Overwintering Cabbage

January King over wintering cabbage

Late last summer I started a multitude of overwintering cabbages, after the unusual come and go snow and chilly spring, only three lone January King Cabbage seedling were left standing. I nursed these little over wintering cabbages along in anticipation of some early coleslaws or krauts but nothing much more happened with them all spring and they didn’t head up in May or June like expected.

Red Jewel summer cabbage

This spring I went ahead and started some Red Jewel summer cabbages, I planned to have them in succession to my January Kings. Summer is here the weather has warmed up and due to the lack progress on the overwintering cabbages behalf I was expecting to see them bolt any day but it appears they have resumed growing! Now here is the irony my January King cabbage that has lived on in my garden for 9 months survived rain snow sleet and hail look surprisingly similar to my Red Jewel cabbage that has been in the ground a mere 45 days! I think I foresee an unplanned abundance of cabbage in my future. It is funny how things in the garden turn out sometimes.

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