The Garlic Thief

young garlic dug out and left in the garden

Growing a front yard garden and doing a whole house renovation, we have become accustomed to people stopping by, if its not a neighbour asking about the harvest it’s a passer by asking about the house, its not unusual to see people standing around peering over our fence or to have curious strangers knocking on our door.

a fresh garlic scape

The other day as my husband was coming in from the garage he noticed something out of the ordinary, someone was actually in our front yard, the garlic patch to be specific. They said a few words to my husband then toddled off, strange? A bit, yes. Our yard it totally fenced and the gates were closed, normally if someone is going to physically open the gate and come in they ASK before roaming freely in the garden. I didn’t think too much of it, we tend to have a lot of unexpected visitors.

The garlic stands about 3' tall right now

This morning when I went out to cut some garlic scapes I noticed someone or something had been digging up the garlic! Raccoons? maybe? I have caught those furry masked bandits carrying off produce in the past. Was it just a coincidence that there was recently a unidentified person in the garlic patch? Human type thief or wild life type thief Its strange at best, annoying at worst but mostly just a byproduct I guess of growing food in a city front yard?

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