Things Happening in the Garden Today

This is just a bit of an end of spring miscellaneous post, mostly and excuse to share some pretty pictures of what is going on right now in the garden.

The garden today

My thyme just broke out into flower, I wasn’t diligent about cutting it back enough so it’s all slumped over in a heap but the pretty flowers make up for its otherwise unkempt appearance and the bees are loving it, as soon as the flowers started to open it has been teeming with all sorts of bees.

Flowering thyme

Potatoes are coming along, its about that time when they need to be earthed up, I poked around the potato patch and haven’t found any green tubers cracking the surface yet so I figure I can be lazy about earthing up for another week or two?

Potato vines

Mint is growing like crazy, it’s an amazing but invasive plant, if you have a secluded patch of dry shade, mint really will grow in the most adverse conditions.


Trusty old sorrel, even when it bolts the leaves are still just as tasty as ever. Sorrel doesn’t make any showy flowers just oodles of soft tassely seed heads, the seeds themselves are light as air and the size of a fleck of dust. When the wind blows, the 4’ tall flag pole like stalk is poised just perfectly to distribute the sorrel seeds all over the yard and neighbourhood…I should probably get out there and trim them back!

Sorrel gone to seed

I nabbed my very first home grown strawberries of the season today, which ironically came from the strawberry patch under my big tree, exactly where anything ever written about growing strawberries says should never grow strawberries. The under the big tree strawberry patch is perhaps not as productive as if it were planted in a more ideal location but I am not going to complain about any fresh strawberries that what to show up in my yard whether they are suppose to grow there or not.

First strawberries of the year

All my Squash are up, and thinned down to the most promising looking seedling. This year I started squash seeds under covers outside, I gave up trying to grow transplants, with squash I was never able to master transplanting they are just to sensitive. Even with the grey weather the baby squash plants under cloches are coming along nicely. Using cloches to start squash outdoors is the way to go. I can’t believe in the last 4 years I had never tried this before, it works like a charm.

Baby squash plant

And finally peas! They are just getting ready to flower, later than ever this year. I have been sparcely snitching young leaves from their vines for a couple weeks now, I am not sure if that has inhibited their flowering earlier? Or if they are just getting a slower start?


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