How Much Food Can You Grow on a Small City Lot?

This goes against my lazy tendencies but I am going to try and keep a harvest count. I have always wanted to do some kind of food growing tally, partly because I am curious and partly  because I genuinely want to know if my micro farm effort makes any economic sense. Growing food at home has dramatically impacted the way we eat, shop and cook. There are so many nonfinancial, intangible benefits to growing a home food
garden I almost feel guilty adding up the produce but the question remains is the food garden strictly a life enriching hobby? OR after I account for fertilizers, seeds, supplies, is there money to be saved? I know it’s a bit odd to start  this kind of project in the middle of the year but it took many months of procrastination to even set up a page and write a
post about it….so I might as well start today and hey we are just coming into the main growing season when all the big produce makes it’s much anticipated appearance. Starting today I am happy to report I harvested one salad spinner of miscellaneous salad greens!

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One Response to How Much Food Can You Grow on a Small City Lot?

  1. susan boyle says:

    bare food ya get me.

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