My Asymmetrical Awkward Side Garden

I know it doesn’t look like much at the moment but I am hopeful it will grow in and fill up. This asymmetrical…triangular…trapazoidal garden is wedged between the house, driveway, front steps and what will one day be our patio. It’s a really prominent space right at the end of our driveway but we didn’t have the foresight to plan the shape or design, the garden just sort of emerged once we put in the driveway and walk ways.

Lavender and Sirocco grass

I initially thought this would be a good asparagus bed and I did start about 10 asparagus here but asparagus ferns have a relatively short season, appearing mid spring and disappearing mid fall, leaving this highly visible area horribly vacant half the year.This growing area is further hindered by the jut out for our fire place, it juts out at exactly the right height to bonk my head on when I am working around it. I wanted a tree to try and camouflage the fire place structure because besides being annoying, it’s most certainly ugly. Beyond the tree and asparagus I have been at a total loss and it has bothered me since its inception 3 years ago.

Low bush cranberry almost ready to flower

This year on sort of a spur of the moment decision, I decided to sacrifice some asparagus productivity in the name of bringing in year round interest. Starting with salal and low bush cranberry as evergreens, a bit of coloured grasses, and a couple beneficial insect attracting type flowers. I am not sure how all this is going to work together yet but
I think anything will be an improvement over what was there.

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