Free Trees

I just couldn’t help myself when I Passed by these gorgeous Japanese maples that had gone to seed. Propagating trees from seed is no quick process and I don’t know if I am going to have the patience to see these baby trees through to adult hood but I am sure the buildings landscaper will be showing up soon, rake in hand to disband this little forest in the making. So why not grab a few free bees while they last?I happen to have an empty coffee cup in my car I just scooped up a few seedlings along with some moist dirt and hurried them home to pot them up properly.I am treating each baby Japanese maple to its own four inch pot and a prized place on my south facing window sill, space is limited right now due to all the tomatoes, only the really lucky plants get to be in the window, everything else has to either tough it out on the counter or freeze to death outside.I really don’t have room in my garden for anymore trees, but most 5 gallon size trees you see in garden centres are already 7+ years old, I guess I have enough time to figure out where I am going to plant them, if they survive that is.

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