Mixing Your Own Organic Fertilizer at Home

I find the cost of premixed organic fertilizers at garden centres a bit disheartening. Sure homemade compost is “free” and most municipalities around here even offer a subsidized composter but in my small space garden, I have found tightly spaced, intensively grown, food crops can not survive on compost alone. The “complete organic fertilizer” recipe I mix up at home is modified from the book Growing Vegetables West of the Cascades by Steve Solomon (Page.35), conveniently available in full preview by google books.

My Modified Complete Organic Fertalizer Version:
8 Cups Alfalfa Meal
1 Cup Lime
1/2 Cup Bone Meal
1/2 Cup Rock Phosphate

In Place of the Cotton seed meal I am using alfalfa meal because that is what I could find locally, and I omit the expensive kelp meal, in favor of doing a foliar feed with liquid sea weed for the fruting plants, still expensive but I have had much better results. I found my fertilizer ingredients at the Otter Co-Op in Pitt Meadows, they have a great bulk section and reasonable prices. If you have room for storage be sure to check out the gigantic portions of pre-bagged items in the back, it’s a good saving if you can store the larger quantities. I keep all my ingredients in air tight tubs under my front porch. If you are storing out doors make sure everything in a tightly sealed, air tight containers, raccoons and skunks love bone meal, and the Alfalfa meal will go moldy if any dampness gets to it.

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