My Food Garden Today-Spring Planting is Underway

My very bare garden waiting for everything to start growing

My growing space is so bare! I have spent the last month cleaning up, turning under, reorganizing, reprioritizing, and trying to learn from last year’s mistakes. I have made a few changes, the biggest so far was getting rid of the dysfunctional central pathway. I thought it was going to be convenient to have a path running down the middle of the garden, designed for hand watering and aligned with the hose. BUT…..the long straight stretch of unlevel bricks were more frequently used as a toddler race track, it was just long enough for little legs to get up to a full out run and just uneven enough to send little ones flying through the air to the land of scraped knees.  What I have done now with the pathways is create a more labyrinth like lay out or random geometric shapes still fun for kids to trot through but at a more manageable pace.

In the middle of moving things around

The other big move was once again I relocated the dwarf blueberry patch, it’s now in a long prominent row in the middle of the garden. North Sky Blueberry goes a fabulous firey red at the end of the season, I wanted them to have a bigger effect in my fall garden. Sorrel was also give a much bigger patch(about 5 square feet) near the back of the garden, it’s the earliest spring salad green, perennial, drought tolerant, and really worth devoting more space to.  Perennial green onions were also allocated a much bigger space(about 4 square feet!), even with the colder winter just passed I still had green onions all year long! their previous 12” area was fine for us but if I had more I would probably make an effort to use more fresh home grown green onions.

The garden at the end of winter

A new addition to my main growing space is low bush cranberry, I have tried to grow this in other locations in my back yard garden for 3 years running but it needs too much watering, this is NOT a drought tolerant plant. I am hoping by planting the cranberry in the sprinkler zone it’s going to survive. I would have gone with the Native variety of cranberry (Viburnum edule) but I have not been able to locate it for sale, if I ever find some I would definitely find a space in my garden for it.

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