Singapore Style Noodles with Fava Bean Leaves and Asian BBQ Mushrooms

Singapore Style Noodles with Fava Bean Leaves and Asian BBQ Mushrooms
Singapore style noodles appear to have nothing to do with the city of Singapore, served at all the asian eateries around here, it’s basically a North American name given to rice vermicelli with spicy yellow curry and sugar. Aside from my less than stellar description, I really love this dish, I always monopolize a whole order to myself when we eat out(or order in for that matter!). This is my having lunch at home version with BBQ mushrooms in place of where most restaurants would use BBQ pork. I always have dried mushrooms in the cupboard, but going out to buy asian BBQ pork takes planning and driving and if I am going out to buy BBQ pork I might as well just pick up an order of Singapore noodles while I am at it? This is a very basic dish, it really does need the added sweetness from the BBQ component. If you don’t have fresh fava bean leaves or any fava greens in the garden substitute with thinly sliced sue choy or ruffley asian cabbage.

Singapore Style Noodles:
125g Rice vermicelli noodles(brown or white)
2 TBL Veg oil
1 Onion slivered
1 Carrot grated
3 Cloves minced garlic
1 Large bunch Fava bean leaves or fava greens
2 TBL Thai yellow curry paste OR 2 TSP regular yellow curry powder
2 Cups fresh bean sprouts
½ Cup Asian BBQ mushroom(recipe below)
Salt to taste

Method: In a large pot bring about 6 cups of water to a boil add vermicelli cook just until noodles are tender about 3 to 5 minutes, drain and set aside. In a large non stick skillet or wok heat oil, stir fry onion, carrot, and garlic, add vermicelli, curry and sugar continue stir frying, toss and mix to make sure curry has fully incorporated, then add BBQ mushrooms and fava greens cook until greens are wilted, remove from heat and mix in bean sprouts, the residual heat will warm the sprouts. Serve right away before the bean sprouts get soggy!

Asian BBQ Mushrooms:

2 TBL Honey, Sugar, Hoisan sauce, Rice wine vinegar, Soya sauce
1 TBL Ketsup
3 TBL Veggie stock(or water)
1/2 Cup dried sliced mushrooms

In a sauce pan over med/low heat whisk together everything except mushrooms, cook just long enough so the sugar dissolves, remove from heat add mushroom stir so all the mushrooms are coated, allow mushrooms to marinade for about 2 hours or you can leave them over night in the fridge. The mushrooms should have absorbed most of the liquid and become spongy. Pre heat the broiler in the oven to high. To avoid soaking and scrubbing you baking pan line with foil, drain mushrooms and spread on the foil lined baking sheet in a single layer. Broil mushrooms on high until sugars have caramelized and excess liquid has evaporated about 10 to 15 minutes keep a close of on broiling mushrooms, they go from caramelized to burned very quickly.

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