Growing Bean Sprouts in my Bodum

In about a week you can enjoy home grown bean sprouts

I don’t know why I didn’t think of this before but a french press coffee maker is a perfect vessel for growing spouts! I was recently treated to a super deluxe espresso machine by my husband, thus my trusted Bodum was decommissioned. I do own a real official “sprouter”, I purchased it years ago for some astronomical amount.

Day 1 soak sprout seeds until they swell

The “sprouter” is cumbersome big and ugly, obviously designed for a family of 10 or for someone that plans to live solely on sprouts? filling the sprouter to capacity I quickly discovered we could never eat all those sprouts before they go moldy, doing enough for just one in that big thing seems like making one slice of toast in the full sized oven, although I have been known to do that too because we don’t own a toaster, I am defitely not a kitchen gadget person and was more than happy to replace the sprouter with the less space hogging french press.

Day 3 seeds should be cracking open with sprouts

There is always the old mason jar with a nylon and elastic if you want to do some sprouts 70’s style? This approach works okay but its messy and annoying if you want to scoop out the opened seed shells, while rinsing, which I highly recommend doing or they get tangled in the growing sprouts and don’t taste good. My favorite sprouts are mung beans, commonly sold as just “bean sprouts” in stores, they fit into any asian inspired stir-fry or noodle dish which we tend to eat a lot of. I should probably expand my sprout horizons because they are suppose to be so healthy for you.

Rinse sprouts several times a day

To grow mung bean sprouts simply dump about a table spoon or two of viable mung bean seed(I got mine at West Coast Seeds) into the bottom of your sprouting vessel, cover with water leave for a few hours when the seeds start to swell pour off the water and strain out the seeds. Replace seeds in to the sprouting vessel and store in a dark place, like a kitchen cupboard where I would have been storing the French press when it wasn’t being used as a sprouter. Rinse with fresh water and strain sprouting seeds, at a minium of 4 times a day, the more often your rinse the more succulent the sprout will be.

Scoop out open seed pods while you rinse

In 3 days the seeds should have cracked open with little roots tails, technically now sprouts but the flavor is quite potent more like a bitter chick pea, realistically it does take about a week to get the long white mild flavored sprout roots I am accustomed to buying commercially. It’s important to note here if you want to grow mild tasting juicy bean sprouts Keep the sprouts out of any light while they are growing, I have tried sprouting on my sunny kitchen counter before and the bean sprouts turned into micro greens with quite a dominate flavor more like alfalfa sprouts.

while sprouts are growing keep them in a dark room temperature place

The other important note is one table spoon of mung bean seed turns into one cup of sprouts so portion appropriately or you too will be overrun with sprouts going moldy before you can finish eating them!

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3 Responses to Growing Bean Sprouts in my Bodum

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  2. Adeline says:

    What a useful tip for using the bodum! Its now just sitting on my counter since I stopped drinking coffee. I am so going to try this method (instead of the fiddly cloth method) to sprout beans. Think it’d work for alfalfa too?

    • So glad you enjoyed the post! I havn’t tried with alfalfa, it “should” work as long as the mesh in your bodum is fine enough to keep the sprouting seeds in and let the water out, I have only been doing the larger seed sprouts beans, peas, sunflower, due to an alalfa over dose when I was still using the “sprouter”

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