Good bye Winter Kale

It almost feels like it is going to warm up out there soon, so I figured it was time to say good bye to the winter kale before it says good bye to me and bolts. At this time last year all my kale had reached for the sky and gone to seed, not to mention the Rhubarb had grown large enough to be pie worthy. 

Don’t let the pictures fool you, I really don’t have much kale left in the garden, at this point in the year the plants are not too pretty to look at, just a tall knobby stem with a small poof of leaves on top like a mini kale palm tree. Perhaps kale risotto with a few snips of fresh chives for dinner? Or maybe I’ll just pan fry it all for myself for lunch?

I am eagerly ready to rotate shelling peas into the former winter kale patch but the winter kale has worked so hard to make it through the snowy winter I almost feel guilty for not letting it produce seed, sorry winter kale you have been so nice all this time in the garden but you are much tastier before you shoot up your seed stalks.

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