Signs of Spring

Fresh chives are ready to snip

I absolutely can not wait for it to be warm enough to get out side again, enough with the late season snow falls and freezing rain already! The local garden centers are filling up with plants buds on my trees and shrubs are just getting ready to open, perennials are sprouting, birds are singing and my garden is quickly filling up with weeds!  I guess that is one of the down falls of having a garden instead of a lawn is during times of gardening laziness I either have to look at all the “work” that has to be done through my living room window or I have to keep the blinds closed.

Rhubarb buds

Its seems like spring is taking forever to “spring” this year. Last year at this time my peas were up and growing and I was already eating my first few home grown salads. 

Evergreen huckleberry flower buds

As soon as it does warm up I have big plans yet again to reorganize the food growing space, I am trying to get away from traditional rows and make things look more natural, its tougher than I thought to put together a natural looking food garden, I find I am constantly gravitating back to the convenience of rows but there are so many more prettier ways of growing food.

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