It’s Time To Plant for Spring-In Theory

Baby Sorrel was just about ready to pick until the snow showed up

After a simply splendid clear sunny weekend I couldn’t wait to get some seeds in the ground, then, most unexpectedly we got snowed on again! Everything was just starting to come to life in the garden and as I planted a hand full of peas, favas and asian greens under little cloches, I started counting down the days to the anticipated last frost(about end of March for us on here on the coast). Oh well, most years all my “best intention” plantings under cover in mid February usually don’t start appearing until the first week of March anyways. Maybe I don’t mind another week or so of staying warm inside before I start the big spring clean up, followed by what is becoming an annual event of completely redesign my growing area. Yes I am officially coming into year 4 of growing a garden and I still haven’t decided on a permanent lay out! The poor perennials one day I am hoping everything will just fall into place.  Snow, frost and cold weather aside it is time to start leeks and fennel inside, on my kitchen window sill to be exact, and perhaps I will look forward to getting out and replanting another hand full of peas, favas and asian greens next week once the ground thaws (again!).

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