Garlic is Growing

Baby garlic stalks

After less than a spectacular start I was so happy to see the green spears of garlic stalks coming up all over the back of the garden, in previous years my garlic has sprouted in the fall died back in the winter and started growing again in the spring. Last year there was no evidence my garlic was doing anything in the fall and winter, I thought surely I had somehow done something unknowingly wrong but presto here is the garlic today out in full force. It looks like every single seed garlic clove has sprouted! I am experimenting with growing garlic in double rows, as with most garden experiments I have no idea if it is going to work but I thought it would look pretty(check out my fall post for my garlic game plan). Now that the garlic is officially up and running I’ll get out and fertilize it with organic bone or fish meal this week, I am also going to try a second fertilize in mid spring with a complete organic fertilizer in hopes this will be the solution to getting really big juicy market sized garlic bulbs.

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