Winter and Overwintered Vegetables

I am still experimenting with what will and won’t overwinter here with some pleasantly surprising results!

Chard. Last year’s chard burned back to the ground in November’s cold weather but now appears to be sending up new leaves! This may be a false alarm and they could just immediately bolt up and go to seed but I suspect my chard over wintered?

Cilantro. I let my cilantro patch go to seed last year in the hopes it might be another self sowing kind of perennial herb. A few seedling are just starting to emerge. I can’t tell if they are sprouting seeds or re-growth off last year’s roots?

Chives. Are just starting to sprout.

Sorrel. This is the first full year I have had sorrel in my garden and although it did keep a few disheveled green leaves over the winter I can just now see new baby leaves forming at the plants hearts.

Corn Salad. Back in September I started corn salad expecting to have a bunch of rosettes before we got snow but they barley grew to micro green size when snow set in. I just noticed corn salad is back in full force. 

Arugula. My perennial arugula Is just starting to put up a few tiny light green leaves.

Sprouting Broccoli. I planted about 12 overwintering broccolis last summer, thinned them back to 4 plants once they became seedlings but after the snow there is only one left. 

Jaunary King Cabbage. A similar story to the broccoli started 12, thinned to 4 and only 2 have lived to tell their wintery tale. 

Overwintering Cauliflower. In All truthfulness I have never successfully over wintered cauliflower, they sticking true to form they faired the worst of all the brassicas out of 8 seedlings I have 1 that looks remotely like it might make a comeback?  Note to self about starting over winter brassicas this year I am going to try covering them with my cloches before frost.

Walla Walla overwintering onions did disappointingly poor I started over 150 seeds consecutively between august and September what happened, I have no idea? there were so many pointy green onion seedlings in the fall and by what I am seeing right now only 5 survived?

Parsley is still going strong I have overwintered it now for a couple years without covering or anything and it continues to do just fine. 

Red mustard. is growing along nicely, I had planted a lot of mustard late in the summer but it appears only the larger seedlings survived, any under 2” are gone. When it got snowy they all wilted and drooped but now the mustard has perked up and is putting up some new leaves.

Kale. as every winter is still growing along.

 Garlic. Is finally sending up sprouts!

Fava Beans. I am having trouble deciding if I want to let these produce beans or just eat them at the leaf stage?

And of course there is still plenty of perennial green onions, thyme, rosemary, marjoram, sage and Jerusalem artichokes.

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