Ordering Seeds for Spring

Spring is coming!

This first signs of spring are showing up…seed catalogues! There is nothing better on a winter day than flipping though seed catalogues and starting the planning for spring. Even though most seeds don’t ship till February or March, I always order seeds in January it seems a bit early but there is not much going on in the garden otherwise so it’s a good time to dedicate an evening to sorting out the “seed box” and determining what I am going to invest in growing. 

my very low tech seed storage system

 The other incentive to ordering seeds super early is it avoids disappointment from “sell outs”. Finding great seed sources has been one of the hardest parts of growing an “unusual” not your typical grocery store isle kind of home garden. These are my favorite places for seeds and a few things I am looking forward to growing this year.

Salt Spring Seeds: This is my favorite place for all those hard to find perennial edibles suited for the west coast. I am looking forward to trying perennial earth chestnut, perennial kale and pink celery

Seeds of Change: This will be my first experience with Seeds of Change, I can’t wait to try out their purple sweet corn. I have never had much luck with corn but I think the novelty of purple corn will definitely be worth the effort

Seeds of Victoria: They have the best ever perennial evergreen bunching onions and small leaf perpetual spinach I grow both love them.

T&T Seeds: fantastic selection of hard to find root stock plant  Saskatoon berry, bush cherries, purple asparagus just to name a few. I can’t wait to try to bush cherry this sounds like such a fun solution for a small garden.

West Coast Seeds: just can’t go wrong with WCS. They carry a wide range of all things suited to our wet mild climate. I am always pleased with the germination and success of WCS. Their white beets are great and I am going to try yellow cucumber for the first time

William Dam: I love their huge selection of flowering kales and cabbages. I am trying salsify, I am not even sure what it is or how to use, and red orca looks stunning and interesting.

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